Watch Captain America and Red Skull Fight in Fun Funko Pop! Animated Short Film

You know how Disney and Pixar have shorts before their films? Imagine similar shorts in front of a Marvel film. A cartoony superhero short. That’s the feeling I get from the shorts Marvel puts out in cooperation with Funko. Little Funko figures from Marvel having fights and mishaps. It’s adorable and fun and the latest one gives us the chance to see Captain America kick some Nazi butt. Sadly, we’ve only been able to see Cap kick Nazi butt in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films: Captain America: The First Avenger. Thankfully, the short "Submarine Showdown" gives us a small dose of Nazi butt-kicking with Cap fighting his arch-nemesis, Red Skull. It’s cute and fun, but at the end, a couple questions are raised as cap knocks Red Skull onto the head of a missile and then fires it. It looked like Red Skull already had the missile aimed at something to do a sinister deed, so what kind of weapon was it and where was it heading to? We don’t see Cap change any settings so did he just cause more harm than good?

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