Watch Coyote Peterson, The Internet's Steve Irwin, Get The Worst Bite From An Insect In The World

If you're not subscribed to Coyote Peterson on YouTube, you need to be. Especially if you were a fan of Steve Irwin back in the day because this guy has taken over as the guy who does crazy stuff you hope never happens to you out in the wild. Throughout the past couple years, Peterson has been traveling through the pain index of insect bites and he's finally reached the top of what is considered the worst sting one can get from an insect. If you ever see a giant desert centipede, you should 100% head in the other direction. 

For those new to Coyote Peterson, this is far and away the worst reaction I've seen him have to a bite, and he's a pretty tough dude. The whole thing is worth watching, but if you're just here to see someone get bit and writhe in agony, skip to 14:12. 

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