Watch: GAME OF THRONES' Battle of The Bastards VFX Reel Seamlessly Blends Pixels with Reality

People are going to be talking about the ninth episode of Game of Thrones' season six, "Battle of The Bastards," for a long time — and rightly so. It rivals (and in many cases, tops) some of the best battles we've seen in the movies, and it's a truly stunning achievement. We've already seen a video that concentrates on some of the practical aspects of how the showrunners and director Miguel Sapochnik were able to pull this off, but a new one has emerged (via Sploid) from Iloura that highlights the amazing work done by the show's VFX team as they blended those practical elements with digital enhancements and completely digital creations.

There are aspects in that episode I would have bet huge money on being practical, but this video reveals that a staggering amount of it was CG. The fact that you often can't see the seams makes it one of the most effective implementations of visual effects I can remember. Behold:

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