Watch: Haley Joel Osment Goes On THE ERIC ANDRE Show and is Scarred For Life

If you've never seen The Eric Andre Show, you're in for an experience. Andre himself calls the show a "fever dream" of sorts that's meant to confuse the audience as well as the guests on the show, and that's about the best way to describe it. Things get lewd, gross, weird, name it. 

I know a lot of you will want to dismiss the following clip featuring Haley Joel Osment looking mortified as "acting," but having heard Andre talk about the process of getting guest, I'm more and more convinced this is real. 

For starters, they always choose guests who are in a junket so what's important to know is that these actors and actresses don't know where they're going from interview to interview. They just know they're going to show up and talk about whatever they are promoting. Andre uses this to lure in unsuspecting celebrities and mercilessly do goofy stuff to them for ninety minutes...three to four of which are actually used for television. 

That has to be an agonizing experience for everyone involved! For those that haven't seen the show, Eric has vomited and eaten it in front of celebrities, exposed himself, etc. — there's a whole lot of ridiculousness. 

Honestly, this is one of the more tame ones so you won't have to worry about anything obscene happening in this clip. The Eric Andre Show airs on Adult Swim. 

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