Watch Harrison Ford Surprise Alden Ehrenreich During a SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Interview

During a recent interview with Solo: A Star Wars Story actor Alden Ehrenreich, Harrison Ford snuck in to surprise him. It's actually pretty cool see these two actors, who have portrayed the same character, together like this. 

The two previously met prior to shooting Solo to talk about playing the character and Ford gave him some advice. Ehrenreich ended up being great in the role of Han Solo! I was actually surprised by how well he played the character and I think audiences will end up liking him in the film.

During the press conference I recently attended, Ehrenreich talked about the moment in the video you can watch below and said that Ford, genuinely praised the film and loved how it turned out. He also likes how Ehrenreich played the character, so it has Ford's seal of approval, if that means anything to you.

Check out the video below and when Solo hits theaters go and see it because the movie is great! It comes out on May 25th!

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