Watch JOKER Director Todd Phillips Break Down the Opening Scene of the Movie

Director Todd Phillips has teamed up with Vanity Fair to give us a break down of the opening scene of Joker. It’s explained that one of the most important jobs of a director is to set the tone, and Phillips says that one of the things he’s most proud of with Joker and these opening moments is the unsettling and dark tone that he establishes for the rest of the movie as it ramps up into insanity.

Phillips explains, “Everything in the movie is meant to be unsettling. So anytime we move the camera…it’s meant to give off this unsettling vibe of this guy.” He also explains how early on in the film it’s established there is music in Arther Fleck’s soul, and that’s something that carries on over the course of the movie.

This video offers some very interesting insight on the opening of the film, and for those of you who are looking to be filmmakers one day, this is a must watch. You’ll definitely learn some things.

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