Watch: Kevin Smith Defends YOGA HOSERS to Disappointed Fan

I may not be a fan of Yoga Hosers, but Kevin Smith has gained a bit of my respect after I watched this video. There's something to be said about a man who can defend his work without having to belittle others or take away the validity of their argument. Smith does all of that and in the process gives some real insight into where he is in his career.

Yoga Hosers is a passion project that Smith made for himself, and really no one else. If other people who enjoy his work enjoy it, or others who feel nostalgic about the same films he loved that's great...but it's really about what he wants to do.

Let's be honest, Kevin Smith doesn't "owe" us anything, and some of us are past the point of even wanting what he has to offer. So why not let him do what he wants? I would probably do the same if I had his level of success.

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