Watch Luffy and Goku Black Fight in Awesome Flipbook Animation


As captain of the Straw Hat crew, Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece knows how to take down all types of villains. Can he take down a Super Saiyan though? This amazingly done flipbook animation by Trafalgar Z gives us a pretty epic fight that spans multiple flipbooks and has Luffy go all out against Black Goku from Dragon Ball Super. When Black Goku pulls out Super Saiyan Rose, Luffy is able to use his Gear Fourth form to help even the playing field. The fight is pretty incredible and the animation itself is great. Not to mention the sounds are spot on. It seems like they may have spliced together sound clips from the two shows, but the way they did it is really well done. I think someone has a bright future ahead of them. Who do you think would win in the end? A pirate, or a Saiyan?

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