Watch Mark Hamill’s RETURN OF THE JEDI Star Wars Celebration Panel

One of the highlights of Star Wars Celebration for me was attending Mark Hamill’s Return of the Jedi panel. It’s always a joy watching Hamill talk about his Star Wars experiences and stories. With his triumphant return as Luke Skywalker coming up in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, everyone is even more excited about what he has to say.

During the panel, Hamill talked a little bit about the upcoming movie, and reenacted the moment when George Lucas broke the news to him and Carrie Fisher. He also shares how he learned about the title of the movie, and reveals that he only went in last week to record the voiceover of Luke Skywalker that we heard in the new teaser trailer. 

He explains that director J.J. Abrams combined his new voiceover with the same audio from the original trilogy of the same dialogue. That’s the reason why you hear the echo in the trailer. 

Hamill seems to have a tremendous love of the fans, and although he didn’t make out with any of them like Fisher did, it’s still an entertaining panel worth watching when you get a chance. I’ve embedded it for you below, thanks to mouseinfo.

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