Watch Michael Keaton Drop a Big BATMAN Spoiler in This Old Interview with David Letterman


This past weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the release of the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman. A little known fact is that the star of the film, Michael Keaton, actually went on Late Night With David Letterman the night before its release, and totally spoiled the movie! This was before DVRs and YouTube and every little thing on TV and the internet being blasted onto cellphones and computers, so the only people who heard it were the people who happened to be watching that episode that night.

I’m sure those people weren’t impressed with the spoiler, but like Letterman says in the video, “Yeah, like nobody’s gonna go see it now!” Good point, but he would have gotten in so much more trouble now! Watch the video below, and if you haven’t seen the 1989 Batman, spoiler alert!

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