Watch Movie Scenes Play Out Next to Their Original Storyboard Art

Storyboard art is a very important part of the creative filmmaking process. It helps the directors visually plan out their shots before they actually start shooting the film. I've always had a fascination with storyboard art, I've even taken a few storyboard classes to learn more about it.

I've got an awesome series of videos for you to watch today from Glass Distortion called Storyboards to Films. They take scenes from films such as The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, and No Country For Old Men and play those scenes out next to the original storyboard art for those scenes. They also include the script notes.

It's pretty cool to watch the side-by-side comparison of these. If you're a fan of movies and of the process behind the art of bringing movies to life, you'll definitely enjoy these!

Via: Gizmodo

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