Watch Old People Play MORTAL KOMBAT X and React to Fatalities

We've already seen a video featuring elderly individuals playing Grand Theft Auto V. Now the Fine Bros. have released a new video featuring a small group of old people playing Mortal Kombat X and reacting to the brutally bloody fatalities that the game offers. It's hilarious watching them playing these games, and their reactions are priceless. This game is obviously not meant for their generation. 

Get ready for fun.  We had senior citizens not only watch the over the top violent fatalities from the new Mortal Kombat game, we also threw them into the fray and had 8 elders square off in a tournament!  
This is pretty great stuff seeing them get into defeating each other, and then of course their horror at the violence. And continues the interest in seeing older people actually have fun playing games that they traditionally would be so adverse to playing.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for your time!
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