Watch: Rare Teaser Trailer For REVENGE OF THE JEDI Unearthed By The Academy

Here's a cool piece of rare Star Wars material you've probably never seen. The Academy Film Archive recently acquired a copy of what may be the very first teaser trailer for George Lucas' third film in the saga, Return of The Jedi, back when it was still titled Revenge of The Jedi. The Academy's website has a good explanation of how this was only attached to a brief theatrical run of a double feature of the first two Star Wars movies that took place in the U.K., and it debuted so early that not only did it still have "Revenge" as part of the title, but it promised a Christmas 1983 release (in fact, the movie ended up coming out earlier, in the summer of that year). Unless you happened to watch that specific run of the double feature back in 1982, this is the first time you'll see this teaser:

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