Watch STREET FIGHTER Gaming Championship Doc - MORE THAN A GAME

The documentary More Than a Game has been released online in its entirety for your viewing entertainment. The doc was created by Thomas Hewett and Jack Abbot and it focuses on competitive Street Fighter gamers who train and travel to Las Vegas to compete in the United States Street Fighter Championships. Here's a synopsis that goes a little bit more in depth.

Every year, thousands of players from all over the world will descend upon Las Vegas to find out who is the [globe's] greatest competitor in Street Fighter, Marvel Vs Capcom, Tekken and other fighting games.The documentary covers more than the events of the EVO tournament, discovering the lifestyles of pro-gamers, their aspirations and accomplishments and their love of their past-time turned profession. Following the progress of US Street Fighter champion Justin Wong and UK champion Ryan Hart as they spend their final month of [preparation] for the games, traveling to and participating in the tournament. We have unique access to the lifestyle of the pro-gamer, along with a glimpse at a growing cultural phenomenon that has grown almost ten-fold year on year.

Ever since I saw the movie The Wizard, I've had an interest in the world of competitive video gaming. I've never been involved with it myself, but I know people that have, and it seems incredibly intense. You'll see it in this documentary that you can watch below. I also included the trailer, just in case you want to test the waters before you jump into the full movie. It's only available for a limited time.

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