Watch The Creepier Version Of THE DARK CRYSTAL Jim Henson Wanted You To See

If you're like me, you probably watched The Dark Crystal long ago and don't remember too many of the details except that it was really cheesy. This version is much darker and supposedly the version Jim Henson and Frank Oz originally intended audiences to see, but was re-dubbed at the request of producers as it seemed confusing and too dark for audiences. This version removed the narrator, inner monologues, and the Skeksis very rarely speak English. There are some restored additional scenes and musical scores that were removed as the years went on that you'll notice throughout the film. Overall, this film has a much darker and more surreal feel than The Dark Crystal. As I mentioned earlier, I don't remember much about the movie as I last saw it in childhood, but I can say that without narration this movie is about ten times creepier than I could have handled at age seven! Many thanks and props to scoodidabop who spent the last two years remastering this cut so that you may enjoy it!

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