Watch the Full Starting Roster for BATTLE FOR THE GRID in New Gameplay Trailer

The other day we found out the full starting roster for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. Now, we can see all the characters in action thanks to a new gameplay trailer.

We get to see all the characters at some point, although I do wish it had focused more on the newly announced characters. In addition, we can see that the hitstop has improved although I think it could be decreased just a tad more.

Finally, we get to see Tommy Oliver have the Dragonzord attack a Mastadon Sentry with the drill tail. It’s amazing. I’m getting really excited for this game, and you can already pre-order it for as low as $19.99 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Battle for the Grid is set to release in April.

Who do you hope is in the extended roster? I think Silver Space Ranger Zhane or Gold Zeo Ranger Jason would be freaking dope.

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