Watch THE ROOM's Tommy Wiseau Hilariously Audition For The Joker

The Room's Tommy Wiseau is making the most out of fame he's found since James Franco's The Disaster Artist was released. Not long after we learned that Joaquin Phoenix might be playing The Joker in DC Films' origin film from director Todd Phillips, Wiseau expressed an interest in playing the villain but said that he would bring too much emotion to the character:

"I can't play the joker, they wanted to do another one, which is probably ... Because I don't want to say negative about actors, but I go by emotion. Meaning that my background as stage actor, getting into the emotion, what you can feel through The Room as well, all the progress for what I did. Sometimes they don't let me, they say 'Too much emotion.'"

He has since teamed up with Nerdist to shoot an audition tape to show what he might be like as The Joker. It's both hilarious and terrifying. 

As you'll see, Wiseau's version of the character is a mashup of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger's Jokers, but... you know... not as good. You'll definitely get a taste of the overly exaggerated emotion that he would bring to the character. It's quite a sight to see and extremely entertaining, so enjoy!

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