Watch The Unofficial HOOK Prequel Film About Rufio Called BANGARANG Starring Dante Basco

Rufio is one of the coolest parts of Steven Spielberg's classic film Hook. He's just so cool with his red hair and smug look, and his ending is... rough. It gives the film such heart in interesting ways. Well, Dante Basco launched a kickstarter to film a prequel fan film about his character Rufio that shows his past and how he joined the Lost Boys. 

It's good. Not great. But good. It has heart and a sweet story. If you love Rufio, then this could be a good experience for you. Some of the... jokes were a bit much for me and the acting was not cinematic film acting. It's a fan film. If you view it as a well-made fan film and enjoy the connections to the original film, it's great.

I compared it too much to Hook as I watched it, and that made it hard for me. But it is nice and I have to give credit to Dante Basco for making such an interesting story for his character. Check it out below.

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