Watch THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 Alternate Ending that Andrew Lincoln Fought For

When the fourth season of The Walking Dead ended with Rick Grimes saying, "They're going to feel pretty stupid when they find out … that they're screwing with the wrong people," fans went nuts. It was such a badass line and a great ending to an amazing season. Of course, right after it ended, I know that the people I watched it with and I wished they would have dropped the F-bomb instead of "screwed." It's just a more powerful and forceful word, and of course, it's what he said in the comic. But, you can't drop the F-bomb on basic cable… yet. Well, guess what. They did film an alternate ended where he does drop the F-word, and it's so much more effective and powerful. 

During an interview with THR Andrew Lincoln told them that he had to push to get that scene shot with the F-bomb. 

"The gloves certainly came off this season with Carol's episode, Carl, losing Hershel and now this. I thought it would be an incredible moment to see the moral cop lay that one down. I think we're going to save that for the hardcore fans. I did a few takes and said, 'It's done!' and [showrunner] Scott [M. Gimple] said we had to do the other one. I said, 'It's amazing, we have to leave this in!'"

You can watch the alternate ending below, and if you want to see the trailer for season 5 click here. The alternate ending will be included in the DVD and Blu-ray release. 

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