Watch This Funny Fake Pitch Meeting For X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX

These fake comedic Pitch Meeting videos from Ryan George are great! I recently discovered them and get a kick out of watch them because they’re so damn entertaining and hilariously on point with the films that poke fun at.

One of the latest videos takes on X-Men: Dark Phoenix and gives us a funny portrayal of how you’d think a pitch meeting for that film went down. The movie was a big disappointment, but for the most part fans weren’t really expecting much from it anyway.

The X-Men franchise has been running for nearly two decades, and it all culminates with Dark Phoenix, a storyline that the movies already covered in 2006. Once again, Jean Grey goes absolutely bonkers with power, but this time Wolverine isn’t around to stab her. The movie has a pretty awful score on Rotten Tomatoes and definitely raises a lot of questions. Like what’s the deal with the aliens, are they bulletproof or not? Why was Quicksilver dismissed from the movie so quickly? What was up with that Phoenix moment in X-Men Apocalypse? Why do these movies keep jumping forward a decade each time? Is Magneto supposed to be 62 years old, and if so, why is a 42-year-old with no make-up playing him? Why did they show Mystique dying in the trailer?

Watch the pitch meeting for Dark Phoenix below and hit us up with your thoughts!

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