Watch This Great Ms. Marvel Fan Film Called KAMALA

I have no idea if Marvel Studios ever plans on making a Ms. Marvel film or series, but it's something that would be great to see happen one day. We have no idea what Marvel is planning after the fourth Avengers film is released, and I imagine they are going to hold off on officially revealing anything regarding their future plans until after that movie is released. 

While we wait to see if Marvel will ever start developing a Ms. Marvel project, here's a solid fan made film called "Kamala" that focuses on the Kamala Khan and what it's like for her to be a teenage Muslim superhero. 

The film was made on no budget so don't expect the greatest production value, but it's decently written and does a fine job telling a brief story that focuses on Kamala’s relationship with her family, dealing with life as a teenager, her powers, and faith. Check it out!

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