Watch This Guy Pull Off Fooling Penn and Teller, and Anticipate Their Guess With a Final Twist


We have a fun video for you to check out from the TV show Fool Us, where Penn and Teller have magicians come on stage and perform tricks to try and fool the masters. If they can pull off tricking Penn and Teller, they get to move on and perform an opening act for the duo in their Las Vegas show. As these guys have been in the business for decades, there’s not much that can fool them. They’ve seen all the tricks and variations on how to do them, so they generally know what’s up, but occasionally, someone comes up with a new twist on a trick, and it’s pretty cool to see. In this video, the guy anticipated what Penn and Teller would guess, and was even one step ahead of them. It’s pretty fun. Check it out below, and enjoy!

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