Watch Unknown STAR WARS Actress Daisy Ridley in Short Film BLUE SEASON

With the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII's cast, one name stuck out as being relatively unknown, that name being Daisy Ridley. She hasn't done anything of prominence until Star Wars and there has only been one photo of her circulating the internet.

DigitalSpy discovered a short film she did last year. It was made in less than 48 hours and had the following 2 requirements.

Line: "Is there ever a circumstance where hanging upside down can a good sign?"

Prop: A piece of A4 paper - a character reads what is written on it, folds it up and puts it in a bag or pocket.

This short doesn't give us a feel for what she will be like in Star Wars, but we do know what her voice sounds like, and what her presence on screen is like.