I love watching films with RiffTrax. That’s the only way I’ve seen the Twilight films, and it will be the only way that I see them. Well, to celebrate 10 years of riffing, Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Michael J. Nelson will be performing another RiffTrax Live in August. This year, the team has already riffed Octaman and Star Raiders, so it’s fantastic that we’re getting a third event with The Giant Spider Invasion.

There’s a monster in Wisconsin, and it’s going to slowly, VERY slowly, strike TERROR INTO YOUR HEART! Sure your grandma could outrun it, but TERROR is more fun! When a fiery meteor lands in the woods, strange things begin to happen in this small Wisconsin town — even weirder than usual, and that’s a pretty high bar!

While the townspeople are picked off by spiders of varying sizes, two esteemed scientists ramble around the countryside in a late model sedan, where they find friendship, romance and a big mechanical spider built on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis!

Starring Alan Hale Jr, the (Skipper from “Gilligan’s Island”), Barbara Hale (“Perry Mason,” and no relation to the Skipper) and Robert Easton, who’s been in more movies than a No Smoking disclaimer, The Giant Spider Invasion” explodes across the screen in a pristine new digital transfer.

RiffTrax Live: 2019 is being put on by Fathom Events and will air on two dates. On August 15, fans can watch the show live at 8 PM ET/7 PM CT with a tape delayed version of the show airing at 7 PM MT and 8 PM PT. The show will then be rebroadcast on August 20 at 7:30 PM local time. You can go to the official page to find your nearest participating location and purchase tickets.

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