We Could See TITANIC and CLUELESS Themed Episodes of THE GOLDBERGS Spinoff SCHOOLED

The Goldbergs is a fantasically funny show, with the best stories, jam-packed with nostalgia and ‘80s goodness all based on the life of creator Adam F. Goldberg. Now the spinoff, Schooled, is based on the character Laney Lewis, played by AJ Michalka, who was the best friend and girlfriend of two of the Goldberg teens. Lewis has fast-forwarded into the ‘90s where she is a high school teacher at William Penn Academy, with Principal Glascott (Tim Meadows), and some of our other favorite teachers from The Goldbergs in tow.

Each episode of The Goldbergs is based around a movie, show, event, album, or something pop-culture centered in the ‘80s. And it looks like Schooled has followed suit. This week’s episode was based on the Broadway musical Rent. As the show is just starting, it’s fun to think of all the awesome 9’0s themes they can run with in upcoming episodes of the series, like Titanic and Clueless.

/Film the the opportunity to interview Mark Firek, the co-creator of Schooled, and here’s what he had to say about the series, and what we can expect in future episodes. When asked if Schooled will have movie themed episodes, he said:

“Yeah, we could definitely do that. Our “Lainey’s All That” episode, our second episode, had a lot of homages to She’s All That. It wasn’t sort of a point by point retelling which we would sometimes do on The Goldbergs like with Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller where we followed the plot of the movie. But we’ve done really good homages and parallels to movies like that. We’ve talked about doing a whole follow the plot of big ’90s movies like Titanic.”

When asked if films like Clueless and Empire Records could be implemented into the series, Frek explained:

“Yeah, and like I said She’s All That. Clueless we talk about quite a bit. I know a lot of younger women who are on staff have a very clear list of top 10 movies that they want to do. Like we do the Rent episode and that show means a lot to young people, a lot of young women and girls who are in their teens. I really encourage you to watch it if you like the show because it’s a great episode. It really hits on all cylinders.”

Sounds like fun! Are their any ‘90s films you’d like to see Schooled play with? Watch Schooled on Thursday nights on ABC.

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