We Might See BACK TO THE FUTURE II Nike Mags with Power Laces This Year!

There are a lot of things from Back to the Future II that we won't see in 2015, including flying cars and Jaws 19. Over the years, though, we've seen the development of a hoverboard, which is no where near as radical as what we saw in the movie, but at least people are trying. We've also seen official replicas of the Nike Mag shoe that Marty McFly wears when he visits the future, but those didn't include the power laces. It looks like that all could change: according to new intel, we might actually see Nike Mags with power laces by the end of this year!

Sneaker blog Nice Kicks recently attended a trade show where shoe designer Tinker Hatfield talked about the shoe, saying that their team is working on the power lace aspect of it and they hope to have the show ready this year. He says that they still have “11 and two-thirds months left in 2015,” so hopefully there's a good chance they can get it done before the year is complete.

They are very serious about making this a reality, and even applied for a patent for an “automatic lacing system.” You can see a few images of the patent illustrations below. If this actually becomes a reality, I'm getting myself a pair!

H/T: /Film

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