Wearable Poke Ball Mint Dispensers

Ah, 2017. A time of great strife, but also a time when one can purchase a wearable mint dispenser disguised as a Poke ball. The duality of man knows no bounds.

Yes, these wearable Poke balls from Bandai are totally real, and though this photo seems to indicate that you'll need to wear them like Batman's utility belt encircling a high percentage of your waist, I have to imagine that — barring some insanely bad breath — just one of these at a time would be fine. Honestly, even one may be pushing it in a job that requires you to wear a suit. I'm not telling you to fully suppress your geeky true identity, but just read the room. You'll know if you work in a place where a wearable Poke ball mint dispenser is going to get you high fives or strange looks.

They cost about 7,000 Yen, or around $63 U.S. dollars, and you can get them here.

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