Wes Anderson’s Next Film Will Be a Stop-Motion Animated Film About Dogs

Wes Anderson reached the top of his game with The Grand Budapest Hotel, which earned nine Oscar nominations. According to The Playlist, his next film project will be a stop-motion animated film about dogs. This will be the second stop-motion film that he’s made. His first one was Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was freakin’ hilarious! 

According to Nerdist, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Balaban, Edward Norton, and Bryan Cranston will provide the voices to some of the characters in the film. It’s also been said that the movie will be “Japanese-inspired.” This will be the first time that Cranston will be a part of a Wes Anderson movie. Hopefully somewhere down the line the director uses him in a live action film because that would be amazing!

There are no details regarding the story, but according to the report, sources have confirmed that the movie is in pre-production, and it will be Anderson’s next movie. I love that Anderson is making a movie about dogs. For those of you familiar with his films, you know he likes to harm dogs in the films that he’s made. It’s just one of the things he does. 

This is something he’s been called out on before by journalists. A few years ago it was brought up that he killed a dog in Moonrise Kingdom, and this was his response:

“Well, I've killed dogs before in my work and it never goes over that lightly. In ['The Royal Tenenbaums'] we had a car run over [the dog] but you just saw the leash."

The New Yorker even wrote an amusing article back in 2012 called “Does Wes Anderson Hate Dogs?” It goes through and points out all of the times that Anderson killed or injured a dog in his films. It doesn’t look like this is going to stop any time soon.

The films of Wes Anderson always provide me with hilarious entertainment, and I’m looking forward to seeing this next project of his. 

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