What Ate a Great White Shark Whole?

On a recent Smithsonian Channel documentary, Australian researchers tagged a 3 meter great white shark as part of a program to track the animals. The shark appeared to be in perfect health. Four months later the tag was discovered on a beach two-and-a-half miles away. Information from the tag shows that on Christmas Eve, when she was headed to trim the reef with her family or maybe go caroling or something, she suddenly plunged 580 meters down the edge of the continental shelf, then the device recorded a huge rise in temperature, going from 46 degrees fahrenheit to 78 degrees fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. Which means the device was now in the stomach of another animal, but what animal could eat an apex predator?

The possibilities seem to be a bigger great white, orca, Godzilla, or Aquaman. The body temperature doesn’t match that of another great white or an orca, so those are out. Given that it all went down on Christmas Eve, my money would be on Aquaman, who is known to enjoy a hearty Christmas feast, except that the device remained in the hunter’s stomach for eight days, so unless there was also a substantial cheese plate or Aquaman had intestinal blockage, it has to be Godzilla. So there you go, folks. Proof that Godzilla is alive and well and eating sharks.

Watch the video from the Smithsonian Channel below and come to your own conclusions.

Via: Sploid

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