What Could Tite Kubo Be Teasing in BURN THE WITCH

If you’re a fan of Bleach, there’s no doubt that the movie is on your mind. Well, now I’ve got something new for you to obsess over. As you may know, this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump will have Tite Kubo’s new one-shot Burn the Witch. Some stills said to be from the new manga are going around on social media and creating quite the buzz. Now, I’m not sure where the stills would’ve come from since the manga hasn’t been released yet, the Japanese version will be released July 14 and the English version on July 16. These stills started circulating on July 12.

Let’s assume that these stills are legit though. The first picture shows the title of the manga, but the blackened parts spell “BLEACH” which is a pretty cool nod to Kubo’s great anime. However, there is also some Japanese text which is said to translate to “This world isn’t over.” That Japanese text can easily be said to be talking about Burn the Witch, except that it’s always been expected to be a one-shot. Sure, they could pick it up, but I think it may work with the Bleach clue. I’m hoping this means they’re working on finishing the anime like all of us fans want! Some are theorizing it is referring to a sequel and/or spin-offs. What do you think all of this means? Do you even think that this is close to legitimate?

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