What Disney Characters Would Look Like as Real People

Want to know what your favorite Disney characters would look like if they were real? Artist Avalonis has taken some real life famous features as reference points and pieced them together to show us what they might look like in the real world. Here's a note from from the artist, 

These are what Disney characters would look like if they were real. Lots of references (see if you can spot some famous features). Lots of manipulations and perfecting until I got the right features and made them real enough looking. 

If some don't look exactly like the characters, well cut me some slack, there's not a lot of people out there that look like some of the more ridiculously proportioned Disney characters (Hercules, Cruella, villains etc). Also, I made them as realistic as possible. See if you can guess who is who...

I think the artist did a pretty good job with these. In case you can't name them all I made a list of who they are below.

Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, Tiana, Charlotte La Bouffe, Esmeralda, Frollo, Quasimodo

Giselle, Jane, Tarzan, Cinderella, Belle, Prince Adam (The Beast), Gaston, Jafar

Mulan, Alice, Jasmine, Aladdin, Aurora, Prince Philip, Maleficent, Cruella Deville

Meg, Hercules, Pocahontas, Snow White, The Evil Queen, Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula

Via: Gizmodo

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