What Do STAR WARS Fans Want Out of a Star Wars Movie?

Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm and J.J. AbramsThe Force Awakens was released, fans have been torn on the direction that the filmmakers have taken the franchise. Some fans have loved the films that have been made, while others have expressed their hatred for them. 

Personally, I haven’t really had any issues with any of the films. I've enjoyed them all for what they are, the stories they’ve told, and the characters that have been introduced. I'm not saying they are perfect, but I'm happy with how they've all turned out.

Some films are better than others, but I’ve been 100% entertained by all of them. One thing that I’ve noticed from a lot of fans online is that there is a lot of hate for the films and a lot of fans don’t seem to be enjoying these new Star Wars films at all. In fact, some fans even prefer the prequel trilogy over the new films! 

As a long time fan of Star Wars, it’s strange to me that some fans are just pissed off at these films and that they can’t seem to find any kind of joy in them. Some fans are even giving up on the franchise! Are these films really that bad?! I'm honestly not understanding this because at the core of all of the films is fun entertainment.

I just thought I’d open up a discussion to talk about this. I’m curious to know what it is that fans want out of the Star Wars franchise?

Right now, Lucasfilm is playing with a little bit of everything. We’ve got the continuing saga, the stand-alone "A Star Wars Story" films that play with other characters and storylines connected to the saga, and then there are the new films being developed by Rian Johnson and the Game of Thrones series creators. Those will be completely separate from the saga.

So far, I think Lucasfilm has done a great job with the films. They’ve had everything that I wanted and expected from them. I’ve especially enjoyed the surprising unexpected stuff that has been thrown into the films because it shows that they are experimenting with stuff. But obviously, people don’t like the experimentation, which I understand. At the same time, the fans have been asking for something different, unique, and out of the box.

If you haven’t been enjoying what Lucasfilm has been delivering since Disney bought them and Kathleen Kennedy took over, what is it that you want to see them do with the franchise? Do you even want more movies? Do you want them to stop making Star Wars movies? 

Can Lucasfilm ever make another Star Wars movie again that all fans can agree is a great film!? I think the closest we may have come to that is Rogue One, but that even got a lot of crap from fans.

So... what do you want Lucasfilm to do with the Star Wars franchise!?

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