What Do You Want to See From Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson's New STAR WARS Trilogy?

Yesterday, Lucasfilm made the huge announcement that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson was developing a whole new Star Wars trilogy. All we know about it so far is that it will be different from the Skywalker saga and that it will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never visited.

I assume this means that anything that has been introduced in any of the films, books, and video games that have been released over the years will in no way be a part of this new trilogy, which is so freakin' exciting! 

I love that we are going to get a new Star Wars story that will be completely original. As I've been thinking about it, this new trilogy probably won't have anything to do with the Empire, The First Order, the Rebel Alliance, or the Resistance. For all we know the film will focus on characters and a place at the far end of the galaxy that isn't even aware of the people and events that we, as moviegoers, have come to know and love. 

Hell, will the Jedi or the Force even have a place in the story? This new trilogy seriously has the potential to open the Star Wars universe up to so much more and go way beyond the mythology that we're familiar with. 

I love the thought of this. I love that this new film could be something completely fresh and new and create a whole new mythology in the Star Wars universe. That's what I want to see from these new films and Rian Johnson is the perfect filmmaker to give us that! 

Even if something like the Force is involved, it could be interpreted and used in a completely different way in another corner of the galaxy. I'm just enjoying thinking about the possibilities of what can be done with these films by not being limited to anything that has already been established. 

Johnson can create and do whatever the hell he wants in this new corner of the Star Wars universe! What are your thoughts on this? What would you like to see? Do you want this to be conected to the previously established mythology? Or do you want Johnson to be bold and do something completely new and orginal?

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