What If DC Let Marvel Help Develop Their Movies

RantMovie DCMarvel by Joey Paur

I understand that there’s a huge fanbase for the comic book-inspired films that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are making. Hell, I'm one of them. Director Christopher Nolan set the bar very high for how DC film should be made with his Dark Knight trilogy, but the studio has yet to make another film that has the same level of quality in terms of storytelling and filmmaking. Don’t get me wrong, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad have all been fun films with some cool looking moments, but let’s be honest… they could have been so much better.

These films not only haven’t lived up to the standards of Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but they are nowhere near as good as Marvel. Marvel has set a plan in motion that has been perfectly executed. Their formula for success works. Every film they have made, including the ones that would be considered the "worst" of them, is still better than the last three DC films. 

As fans who grew up with these DC characters, we all want to see amazing films that will blow us away! We shouldn’t have to take what we can get, which is what’s been happening. Some people blame Zack Snyder and other people blame the studio executives for the lackluster elements of the films they’ve made.

I’m not here to bash the films that DC has made, I was just thinking about how cool it would be if the guys at Marvel Studios teamed up with the guys at DC Entertainment to help them develop their characters for the big screen. I know the guys at Marvel are huge fans of the DC superheroes, and I can’t help but think that they would want see DC make some amazing movies for the characters they love, at least at the same caliber that they are.

Is it beyond the realm of possibility to think that DC and Marvel could work together in some way to ensure that the films coming out of DC Entertainment are the best superhero films that they can be? Think about it… if Marvel made a Superman film would it be better or worse than Man of Steel? There’s no doubt in my mind that they would have delivered a better film! They would have done Superman the way fans would want to see a Superman movie because they know what it takes to please fans when handling iconic characters.

Marvel just has the right talent involved with making the creative decisions on their films, and they have a crystal clear vision of where they are headed. DC seems to have been all over the place, and it seems like they are still unsure about what they are doing with their films. A Marvel team could probably help get everything on track.

Look, I know something like this will probably never happen, but if DC ever thought of asking for some help I’d like to think that Marvel would oblige. I truly want to see DC make the kinds of films that the fans could be proud of just like we were with Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and the films that Marvel is making.

I just think DC Entertainment could use the right guidance and since Marvel has been more successful with their films than DC, I think they are a well of information on how to make great comic book movies. I think the fans would think it would be awesome to see Marvel work with DC on their films. But maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? 

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