What Marvel Movie Will Win The "Outstanding Popular Film" Award at the Oscars? BLACK PANTHER or INFINITY WAR


Yesterday The Academy of Arts and Sciences announced a new award category at the Oscars. That award is the "Outstanding Popular Film" award, which will celebrate the movies that audiences really care about. I still think that this is a perplexing move for the Academy that a lot of other people think is ridiculous. 

If they now have a category called "Outstanding Popular Film", a friend of mine suggested that the Best Picture award be renamed "Outstanding Motion Picture That Clearly No One Really Cares About".

Anyway, the new award will allow Marvel films to be nominated for an Oscar. An award I'm sure that they'll be nominated for every year from here on out because they are some of the most popular films being released! 

This means that next year Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War will most likely end up being nominated. The question I pose to you is which one of these Marvel movies would win!? Both of them were great Marvel films, but for me, Infinity War was the superior film.

Now sound off below and let us know which of these films would win in the Oscars new popularity contest!

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