What Marvel Should Do When They Get the Rights Back To The X-MEN

Disney is still in the process of acquiring a bunch of Fox’s movie studio including the rights to the X-Men. However, it is still not a 100% done deal. That being said, there’s a good chance it will go through, so I thought I’d take some time to share what I think Marvel should do when they can add the awesome mutants to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Don’t focus all of your movies on three mutants. All of the X-Men movies focus on one of three characters or a combination of the three: Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto. While these are great and iconic characters, there are so many other awesome characters that would have great stories to tell.

Also, don’t focus on one mutant per movie. In fact, I'm very excited to see what happens when they get away from the normal characters in The New Mutants next year. While some mutants may warrant having solo films, a lot of the movies can be group films to showcase multiple characters such as in Captain America: Civil War and I’m sure Avengers: Infinity War will also do great at this. Here are some great ideas for X-Men movies that I would love to see get made:

3 - The Morlocks

The Morlocks are a group of mutants who aren’t part of the X-Men but do show up from time to time. They tend to be very disfigured which leads to them living in tunnels and hiding from the surface. All of this could be a great movie. It could even include Storm and the other X-Men trying to help the Morlocks settle above ground before they decide to stay in the underground. They could also use a story similar to the X-Men Evolution episode “X-Treme Measures” where Spyke leaves the X-Men to join the Morlocks.

2 - Bishop

I remember watching the X-Men cartoon as a kid and knowing that Bishop was a boss! Let’s face it, as great as X-Men: Days of Future Past was, it really didn’t do much for Bishop. I would love to see a movie that showcases what he can do and the adventures that he goes on. Maybe find a way to incorporate Cable as well? This is a solo movie that I think could be done very well, and it doesn’t showcase the same mutants that everyone knows about.

1 - Rogue and Gambit

I am hesitant about Channing Tatum’s Gambit. I want it to be a great movie, but with the musical chairs of directors that has happened, plus I’m not convinced Tatum can do a Cajun accent, I’m not holding out much hope for the film. That being said, Gambit is my favorite character, and what better way to show off this character than in a buddy cop film of him and his love Rogue. Rogue is another character that has been cheated in the films, and I think they could both be showcased very well in a joint movie. Let’s face it, Rogue would be all about doing the job or taking care of business, but Gambit would do nothing but flirt with her and make wisecracks and we’d love it!

What X-Men stories and characters do you want to be showcased when Marvel starts pumping those out?

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