What Superheroes Do on Their Day Off - Photo Series

Crime never rests. But superheroes do. With few exceptions, heroes still have day-to-day tasks just like the rest of us. Extraordinary skills and super abilities could make chores easier, or they could make the job seem even more frustrating and menial. Los Angeles based photographer Jeff Harmon explores this concept with this fun series of photo illustrations. Jeff gave us a little background on the inspiration behind the photos saying:

"I wanted to show superheroes in a different light, at their least heroic. I liked the idea of, 'What would these guys do if they had a day off?' So you get the contrast of these heroic icons doing super mundane things."

Each photo is filled with some amusing props and details, and the bright colors of those old school muscle-padded costumes really pop against the real-world backgrounds. Spider-Man knows that “with great power comes great responsibility,” he should probably jump universes, wake Superman up, and let him know too... gosh dang alien.

We'd like to thank Jeff for giving us permission to post these, and for supplying us and our readers with ultra hi-res versions of the images — these will definitely make their way into my rotation of desktop wallpaper. To see more of his photography be sure to visit his site. You can also purchase prints of his work here.

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