When It Comes To Weirdness, CUPHEAD Wins E3 2015

When one thinks of E3, one gets an impression of cutting edge technology, huge screens featuring clips of cinematic triumph (merely forerunners for the games they advertise), and test booths for the latest and greatest in gaming hardware. It's a veritable mecca for industry hobbyists and professionals everywhere. Nothing but the shiniest effects and complex graphics, right?

Enter StudioMDHR's inaugural offering: Cuphead.


Arguably one of the most talked-about indie game of E3, Cuphead remains one of the strangest concepts seen in a while — and by a while, I mean possibly ever. Created to mimic the style of old time (circa 1930s) cartoons, Cuphead features two characters: the titular Cuphead and his buddy Mugman. After a gamble with The Devil (yes, capitalized) goes awry, Cuphead and Mugman are sent through various levels of wacky hi-jinks, the entire game playing like a run and gun through Saturday morning cartoons. 

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With bossfights that range from a giant mermaid to a huge flower and things that probably can't even be categorized by their creators, Cuphead is a weird take on classic, game mechanics-based progression.

There are those who might argue that Cuphead's anachronistic weirdness is the basis of its appeal, featuring hand drawn and inked visuals as well as a soundtrack of all-original jazz music. The platforming play style is a nod to the Golden Days of gamer yore, adding the seamless power of today's technology to a fun adventure of smooth graphics and bright visuals.

Hardcore purists might shun such a playful option, but if you're looking for weird whimsy, creepy charm, and abnormal antics, keep an eye out for StudioMDHR's Cuphead! Slated availability at the time of this writing is set for 2016 on XBox One and PC (Steam).

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