Who Doesn't Like Groot Loops? Superhero Cereal Art by Crystal Fontan

Almost everyone has a cereal that directly ties to their youth, whether that be Trix, Cookie Crisps, Oat Bran (yeah, there was always that one family), etc. For me its Fruity Pebbles, which will always be tied to late night run throughs of Breath of Fire III, accompanied by the lovely sounds of K-Ci & JoJo's "All My Life."

Yeah, not sure where to go from there, so let's move on.

My early developing psychosis aside, Fruity Pebbles will always stir up fond memories, but can you imagine if Marvel Studios had been around back then? Marvel is not shy about putting their heroes on anything and everything, and cereal would be a no brainier. Turns out Crystal Fontan (Bamboota on Etsy) saw the same possibilities and created this adorable set of Marvel Super Hero themed cereal box art, which has been since turned into Tshirts. While you might have a hard time grabbing the tees anymore, you can grab some prints of the art on her Etsy page. While Groot Loops takes the cake, I do love that Cap's come with bloody trading cards. Poor Coulson.


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