Whoa: Netflix is Developing a Live-Action LEGEND OF ZELDA Series

Art by  KejaBlank

Art by KejaBlank

Big news for video game fans who also love television (which I imagine would be a lot of you): according to the Wall Street Journal, Netflix is in the early stages of development on a live-action Legend of Zelda TV show. Although fans have been clamoring for a live-action film for years, I think a TV series is a better option that will allow for a more immersive, expanded storytelling style that should do justice to the expansive story that's appeared in video game form for the past 25+ years.

There aren't many details at this early stage in development, other than the story will follow "an ordinary boy named Link who must rescue a princess named Zelda and save a fantasy world called Hyrule," and that the show is being compared to Game of Thrones, but for a family audience. Netflix has been very aggressive about developing original content over the past few years, and they just secured funding to develop even more shows, and this sounds like it could be an expensive - but potentially extremely popular - series for them.

Netflix and Nintendo are reportedly working close together on this project, although the report cautions that since a writer for the show hasn't been found yet, there's still a chance this could end up falling through and never making it to the streaming service at all. But I'm guessing fans will still be thrilled at this announcement, as it shows that there is some real interest in bringing the famous video game series to life on the small screen.

What do you think?

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