Why Are Fans Already Waiting in Line to See STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS in Hollywood?

This past weekend, I learned that there were a bunch of hardcore Star Wars fans already waiting in line to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. I didn't understand the reasoning behind it at first because of reserved seating. Why wait in line for 12 days when you could have just bought yourself a reserved seat and show up 10 minutes before the movie started? 

I have a few friends who are waiting in that line, and they explained to me that the whole thing was set up through Liningup.net. The organization teamed up with the Starlight Children's Foundation, and they are raising money through their website during the time that people are camping out in front of the theater, where the group of fans continues to grow. 

On top of that, they are also looking to recreate the classic line experience for the Star Wars films. I've spent my fair share of time waiting in line for the Star Wars prequels and re-release films. Their website explains:

"We want to recreate the classic line experience of legions of fans, lined up for days, gathering in force to celebrate the next piece of cinematic history. We can't wait to capture lightning in a bottle again on the streets of Hollywood."

And on top of all that, the people who are standing in line are also still looking to get tickets to see the film on opening day! The organization reserved 576 seats in the theater. To get one of those tickets, fans have to register through Liningup.net and according to my friends, those people have to stand in line for a total of 24 hours. They don't have to stand in line that long at once — that time can be accumulated over the course of two weeks, which started on December 5th. At that point, they will be eligible to purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per person.

The longer these fans stand in line, the better chances they have of getting to choose better seats in the theater. So the people who clock in the most hours will have the first choice of seats in the theater. These guys are definitely earning their place into the screening! Of course, tickets aren't guaranteed and could sell out, which is why people got in line so early. 

If you aren't able to join the group, you can donate $5 to Starlight by texting "Jedi" or "Sith" to 80000 or online at GIVEactually. I think this is pretty awesome that Star Wars fans are keeping the tradition alive and that it's all for a good cause. 

I've included a couple of new reports below for you to watch if you want to meet the people who are standing in line. 

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