Why Do You Love Going to The Movies?

RantMovie by Joey Paur

Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do. The first movie I ever remember going to see in the theaters was Steven Spielberg’s E.T. I remember it being one of the greatest experiences ever. You can read all about it in my Growing Up Geek column. I loved the feeling of being in the theater; I loved the reaction of the crowd; I loved how the movie made me feel. The emotions I was feeling just completely overwhelmed me. All of these things hooked me into movies at a young age and I never let go. Going to the movies simply makes me happy, and I’ll never ever get tired of going to watch them. It's just a part of who I am. 

I honestly can’t imagine a life without movies. There are so many different genres of films out there, and I enjoy them all! Comedy, horror, drama, action, adventure, sci-fi, westerns, superhero — they all offer something that speaks to me and they are an important part of my life. It’s almost like a drug because I get a thrilling high from the feelings and emotions that overwhelm me when I watch them. I think it’s safe to say that I’m addicted to movies.

Over the years, the movies I’ve watched have shaped me into the person I am today. They inspire me to be a better person and they motivate and encourage me to fulfill my goals and live out my dreams. Movies are an art form and like all art, they have the power to inspire.

I get a lot of flack from people for giving lots of good reviews to films I see, and that's because I can almost always find the good things in films that they have to offer. I overlook a lot of the technical errors in movies because I just want to enjoy the story, I want to be entertained! I don’t ever go into a movie wanting to not like it. Even if it looks bad, I try to give it the benefit of the doubt. Of course, sometimes there are movies that turn out to be complete garbage and I call it as it is.

As far as the theatrical experience goes, I’ll always go to the cinema to watch movies. There’s been a lot of talk about Sean Parker’s streaming movie service The Screening Room, which is a cool idea, but even if it did end up becoming a thing, I would still prefer to go the movie theater to enjoy the films I watch. I just want to experience these stories on the big screen. I loved that experience as a kid and nothing will replace it.

Movies are a huge part of my life and I’m always excited about and looking forward to what movies I’ll see next! What was the first movie you ever saw, and why do you love going to the movies?

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