Why GeekTyrant Posts Disney Princess... Everything

At GeekTyrant we post an indulgently huge amount of Disney Princess art, mashups, cosplay, videos, and more. We've been called out a few times by readers saying that Disney princesses aren't geeky. I want to make the case that they are.

Let's start by defining what "geeky" is. Usually it's something nostalgic from our youth, and it's something that was fairly popular among you and your friends. Also, despite what anyone else thinks about it, you think it's cool.

I believe Disney Princesses and Disney characters at large fit into these criteria. I think some readers are perhaps subconsciously excluding princesses from the geeky because they are female characters. Let's be honest, most popular geeky characters from our beloved comic books, movies, and TV shows are dudes.

It's true that there are are outlier examples of popular female characters, but there are still too few, and they don't get enough attention. Wonder Woman doesn't have a standalone movie, whats up with that?!

There is a movement to geekify things once only thought of as girly. At the far end and bravely breaking boundaries, is the Brony group. While I've never owned anything Disney Princess, I did grow up with them as the only popular media with female central characters.

Perhaps the balance we need will come off the creative side. In comic books there seems to be a shift toward more female writers and artists. But in movies and TV we've yet to see that. The only examples I can think of are Deborah Snyder, Gale Anne Hurd, and Jane Espenson. There are more, I'm sure, but I could name 4 times more men in equivalent positions.

I have a 2 year old son who loves Frozen's "Let it Go" equally as much as Spider-Man's web-swinging. Perhaps the hangups of our and previous generations' gender normification will one day be left in the past.

To those Disney Princess haters I say that the princesses are geeky and GeekTyrant will keep posting them. Especially one of the newest ones, Princess Leia.

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