Why Hasn't Samuel L. Jackson Signed On For CAPTAIN MARVEL Yet?

It was officially announced at Comic-Con this year summer that Nick Fury would play a major role in Captain Marvel. There's an interesting important detail that has come to light, though, recently. That is that Samuel L. Jackson has not signed onto the film to reprise his role. No one at Marvel Studios has talked to him about it. During a recent interview with Yahoo! the actor said:

"I haven't signed a contract, haven't seen a script. I talked to Brie [Larson] the other day, she didn't say anything. She's the only person I know that's actually in the movie."

You would think that someone would have talked to Jackson about reprising his role before they made a big "Nick Fury" announcement at Comic-Con... unless they don't plan on bringing Jackson back to reprise his role.

As far as I know, it's only been confirmed that Nick Fury would be in the film. They never specified that Jackson would reprise the role. Everyone just assumed Jackson would be back because it'd be crazy to do it without him.

It was also revealed at Comic-Con that Captain Marvel would be set in the early 90s. Do you think that Marvel would go out and cast a younger actor to portray a younger version of Nick Fury? I assumed that they would just digitally alter Jackson to make him look a little over 20 years younger. But maybe they'll just end up recasting him.

This is just me speculating, but with Fury set to play a major role in Captain Marvel, you'd think they would've approached Jackson by now to at least see if he would even want to do it. It would be weird to see Jackson replaced with another actor, but it's not like Marvel hasn't done it before.

The other thing is, Fury isn't coming back for Avengers: Infinity War or the untitled Avengers 4 movie. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

What do you think? Do you think Marvel might replace Jackson with a younger actor? Or do you think they just haven't gotten around to talking to the actor yet about reprising his role in the film?

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