Why Is Daniel Day-Lewis Meeting with George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy?

Is it possible that Daniel Day-Lewis could be in one of the several Star Wars films in development? According to Latino Review's , Day-Lewis had a lunch meeting with George Lucas and Katheen Kennedy. Now why in the world would those two individuals want to meet with the insanely talented actor? There's speculation that it could be for Star Wars, and of course, anything is possible. 

There are no details on what was discussed, so it could be one of several things. What we do know is that Kennedy and Lucas are both engulfed in the Star Wars movie universe, so it's hard to imagine that it would be for anything other than that. Unless they are just big fans of his work and wanted to take him out to lunch for the hell of it. 

If he is being pitched a character in a Star Wars project, which one would it be? The new Star Wars trilogy? Or even one of the spin-off films that are being developed? Do you think Day-Lewis would actually agree to be in a Star Wars movie? Who do you think he could play in the universe? 

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