Why NIGHTWING Will Make a Great Movie According to Director Chris McKay

Last week we got the exciting and surprising announcement that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay will helm a solo Nightwing movie for DC Entertainment. 

As a huge fan of how The LEGO Batman Movie turned out, I couldn't be more excited that he's taking on the challenge of developing Nightwing. I'm confident that the guy is going to give us something great!

McKay recently was a guest on the Shanlian on Batman podcast, and when he was talking to them he revealed why he likes the idea of making a movie about Nightwing. He seems pretty excited about it! He said:

“Bruce Wayne in my mind came from privilege and I think that’s why he’s more dour and angry. He’s self-made as far as his becoming all of these cool things we like him for… Dick Grayson didn’t come from that. Dick Grayson came from a circus family. Essentially people who aren’t rich and they are self-made. They’re entertainers. They’re gymnasts. They’re people who live hand-to-mouth and that’s something that informs him and his attitude… he’s a fascinating guy to me, because he had all the same things happen to him. He’s got some of the same negatives as Bruce Wayne and then from a society standpoint — obviously he was adopted into Bruce Wayne’s life… but he didn’t start that way. He’s this guy who has all these negatives and then even more negatives and yet he remains… Those are things why I like Dick Grayson, why I like the idea of Nightwing as a movie.”

As many of you already know, Grayson spent many years fighting alongside Batman as his sidekick Robin. He eventually felt like he needed to leave the nest and became the hero Nightwing.

McKay already got to play around with the character a bit in The LEGO Batman Movie. It was great, but this film is going to be a whole new vision of the character that is going to have to fit in with the current DCEU.

The Nightwing movie joins a growing roster of DCEU films that include the upcoming Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, Suicide Squad 2, Gotham City Sirens, Cyborg, Green Lantern Corps., The Flash, and Shazam.

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