Wicked Cool GAME OF THRONES Fan Art - "Suicide Mission"

It's sad that today is Sunday and we have no new Game of Thrones episode to look forward to watching tonight! What am I going to do with myself!? Season 7 of the series came to an end last week and it left fans wanting more! 

It's looking like we're going to have to wait until 2019 before we see the premiere of Season 8. That's a long time to work on being patient. In the meantime, HBO has a seven-part behind-the-scenes series that they will be releasing. You can watch the first episode of that here

Of course, I'll also be posting cool Game of Thrones fan stuff during this long stretch time to help us survive until the final premieres. 

This piece of fan art above is called "Suicide Mission" and it comes from artist Wisnu Tan. As you can see it features Jon Snow and his team taking on the army of the dead!

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