Wicked Groot and Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figures From Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles has pulled back the curtain on their new premium format figures for Rocket Raccoon and Groot from Marvel Comic's Guardians of the Galaxy. These are two of the most lovable badass characters in the Marvel universe and I love how they are portrayed in these figure designs. Groot especially looks kind of terrifying. These are two guys that you definitely don't want to mess with. 

I may just be a small, furry animal with a human heart.
There isn't much that were going to say that could make a heavy weapon wielding, smart mouthed, master tactician who just so happens to be a genetically modified and altered raccoon any cooler than he is already is. So, without further ado, Sideshow presents our Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure.
Normally we say something like, Standing at an impressive such and such inches tall. However, Rocket is a raccoon. The piece stands an understandable 10 inches tall and is the perfect companion to the Groot Premium Format Figure. He's the only one that understands the big guy, anyway. No really.
Perfectly capturing his leering charge and overly accessorized weaponry, the Rocket Raccoon Premium Format Figure should not only become a part of your Guardians of the Galaxy collection but he could lead them.
I am Groot.
It wasn't easy to capture a Flora colossus. Honestly, there aren't that many of them floating around the galaxy and, ironically, they're not fans of holding still long enough to capture their likenesses. Regardless, Sideshow is pleased to announce the germination and growth of our own Groot Premium Format Figure.
Styled out of polyresin instead of wood, the larynx of this particular Guardian of the Galaxy is a bit more stiff than normal, so you can expect even less conversation out of him.
Our Groot Premium Format Figure stands at a massive 22.5 inches tall with a width of 20 inches causing this unflappable companion of Rocket Raccoon to leave a staggering impression amongst the rest of your collection.
The Sideshow Exclusive variation features an outstretched and attacking arm with tendrils reaching out to grasp an opponent foolish enough to test his mettle against the massive trunk and intellect of Groot.

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