Wife Makes Husband Ditch His Giant Dragon Sculpture

Humor by Mily Dunbar

Yesterday, we posted this life-size Han Solo in Carbonite figure, and it sparked some discussion amongst the GeekTyrant writers. Mostly, I think it is too effing big to actually have in your house. It’s a great idea in theory, but it is 7 feet tall! Where would you put it?! Unless you have a 90,000 square foot house like those crazies in Queen of Versailles, you do not have room for it. I’m sorry. However, mine is definitely the minority opinion. Everyone else would be happy to clear out all their functional furniture and put it on display.

So most of our writers probably feel for Steve Fletcher, a welshman who is being forced by his wife, Lorraine, to give up the 65 foot dragon sculpture in their backyard. Having somehow rescued it from the nightclub where it was built for a stage, Fletcher brought it home in 37 pieces, assembled it in his yard in Cardiff, Wales, and nicknamed it Pugin. Now, five years later, his wife says they need the space for a vegetable garden.

Fletcher told ITV,

It took six of us to get him into my garden but I thought he's only be there for a few months. My wife kept asking me wouldn't it have been better to get a garden gnome. But he has become a local landmark - people come and visit just to see him.

Aw, I feel a little bad for the guy… But also, I think his wife is pretty tolerant for keeping it for five (5!) years. It's 65 feet long!

Fletcher is looking for a new home for Pugin, so if you’re a Brit GeekTyrant and you have a bit of space, you should give him a call. Meanwhile, he and his wife can have the best of both worlds if they nestle this in their vegetable patch.

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