Wild Trailer For a B-Movie Action Film Called KARATE KILL - "He's No Mr. Miyagi"

I've got a crazy fun trailer for you to watch today for a B-movie martial arts action thriller called Karate Kill. Yes, the title is a riff on the classic film Karate Kid, and the poster even features the tagline, "He's No Mr. Miyagi." The "He" that the tagline is referring to is a Karate master named Kenji. He's the main character of the film and this is the synopsis:

When Karate master Kenji’s (Hayate) young sister (Mana Sakura) is kidnapped by a dangerous cult, and taken to the U.S. he will stop at nothing to find her. Partnered with a mysterious shot-gun toting partner, Kenji must use his mastery of Karate to dismantle the cult members one by one in spectacular and bloody fashion, until he finds his sister.

The movie was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kurando Mitsutake (Gun Woman, Blind Wolf) and it's also described as being Tarantino meets Cannon Films.

Sometimes I enjoy watching these kinds of low-budget gritty films. I like the weird and awkward cheesiness that comes from them, and sometimes they even surprise me with some awesome action! It just makes the viewing experience fun, especially when you watch them with a group of friends. 

Karate Kill looks like one of those films that I'll enjoy wasting my time on. It's set to be released on July 18th. Watch the trailer and let us know what you think! Is this a flick you think you might enjoy?

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